Amberlak. Saving yachts & our planet with Amber
Amberlak is a Croatian startup helping to solve the environmental problem of ocean pollution. Its antifouling coatings are 100% eco-friendly and contain 3 ingredients: amber colophony, turpentine, and flaxseed oil. We found a visual idea that reflects its unique composition, and we helped communicate it through package
design and other media. More details on
∙ Design strategy and visual identity
∙ Slogan, copyright and tone of voice
∙ Site design and development
∙ Print management and consulting
∙ Brand photography
Egor Fomin / Partner & Creative Director
Sergey Dergachenko / Partner & Design Director
Kseniya Yakovleva / UI Designer
Lev Filatov / Motion Designer

Special thanks to Ilya Kuznetsov,
Robin Matulja, Svetlana Lyubochaninova
Bureau Team
Roman Rezunenko / Frontend & Backend
Aleksey Syromiatnikov / Video Production
Mikhail Finogenov / Cabinet 71 / Photography
Bureau Partners